1-3 Apr 2019 Grenoble (France)

Submission Procedure

Submission Guidelines

Original 2-page abstracts with illustrations will be accepted for review in pdf format and submitted online on our website.

Papers submitted for review will clearly state: The purpose of the work, How and to what extent it advances the art, Specific new results and their impact.

Only work that has not been previously published at the time of the conference will be considered. Submission of a paper for review and subsequent acceptance is considered by the Committee as an agreement that the work will not be placed in the public domain prior to the conference.


The 2-page template can be downloaded here.


The abstracts should be submitted by January 15, 2018.

Guidelines for Accepted Contributions

Submission of 4-page papers

The authors of the accepted contributions are requested to provide a 4-page paper to appear in the conference proceedings, which will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore® digital library. The MS Word or LateX template is available here.

The deadline for the 4-page papers is March 11, 2019.

Submission will be manage through the IEEE PDF eXpress Plus. The Conference ID is XXXXX.

Oral Communication

The duration of a contributed talk will be 20 minutes, including the time for addressing questions from the audience.

A computer will be provided for presentations; presentation files can be either emailed to eurosoi@XXX.fr before the congress or transferred from USB drive before the start of the session. In any case, please be present in the room before the start of your session and introduce yourself to the session chair.


Posters should be A0 in portrait orientation. Panels will be available the whole day of the poster session, Monday 1st. You can hang your poster at any time before the beginning of the poster session at 17:00 and you should remove it at the end (19:30). Mounting materials will be provided.
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